Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Why does life consist of so much heartache? Oh yea...because it was never meant to be easy. It was meant to be difficult--to stretch us and provide opportunities for growth so we can become our best selves. As Elder Holland put it: how can I expect to be a disciple of the Savior if I don't ever experience any of the agony that He experienced here on earth. Because when life if hard and our heart is broken, we listen better to the faint godly whisperings of the Spirit. Oh yea--that's why.

Monday, June 22, 2009


After work yesterday, Danny and I went to my friend Donna's house to make homemade jelly. :) It was SO MUCH FUN! Those of you who know me know that I am a true country girl at heart and I love nothing more than warm homemade bread with homemade jelly on it. Mmm.

So, I've been picking blackberries and peaches for about a week now--just saving them for the momentous day that I'd get to turn them into something incredibly delicious. :D That day was yesterday. AND, Donna had lots of fresh red plums (my favorite homemade jelly) and blueberries. So we made 4 batches of scrumptious yumminess that I now need to find a place in my oh-so-tiny trailer to store. lol.

It was the perfect ending, I think, to a good father's day. Danny and I had dinner before we went over to make jelly and I had him tell me about his boys Tony and David--they seem like great kids, but I may not ever actually get to meet them...I'm such a chicken; I might just buy a plane ticket and run to UT before they get here. lol.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of course.

So, my company sent me to Montgomery to attend a Stress Management training course today--it was INCREDIBLE! I got to stay in a really great hotel, then take an awesome course. I didn't learn anything about stress that I didn't already know, but I realized that sometimes when you get bogged down in the middle of something and stress is all around you, it's hard to remember to take a step back and realize that YOU can change your attitude and, consequently, your stress level. It was great.

We also studied something published by Wilson Learning. I don't know what it's called, but it's a grid that you can chart people on based on personality. It's great! And it works. :) Everyone I know fits somewhere: there are four classifications which are AMIABLES, ANALISTS, DRIVERS, & EXPRESSIVES. These are qualiifed by four things which are: ask and tell & people and tasks. This was so enlightening. I am an Expressive. Danny is an Amiable. This is why we get along so well--I'm loud and opinionated and need validation and attention while he just is nice and wants everyone to be happy...and he treats me like a queen. :) This is why we're good together. I learned how to learn how to get along with everyone by classifying them and then treating them how they need to be treated. Wow. This is so effective. lol. For example: Becca is an Expressive. Ant is an Expressive. Angie is an Analyst; Ben is a Driver; Kristi is an Expressive; Hugh is an Analyst; etc.

Anyway, if you want some good learning, buy this class and take it... definitely worth every penny.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I FINALLY have reliable internet service--I bought a Netbook from Verizon Wireless and I absolutely love it. :) yay. Another problem that I have is that it's been so long since I've kept a blog that I think I've forgotten how. I sit here and can't think of a thing to say even though I really have been living for the past few months...

I'll start with a big CONGRATULATIONS to Krista and Taylor on a long-awaited engagement.

CONGRATS to Tyler for graduating Med school. HANG IN THERE Becca for just a few more weeks. :) I hope you simply adore California.

Congrats to Ant, Ben and Angie for a successful trip to Ireland--at least, I think it was a all survived, right? :)

Congrats to Hugh and Kristi for moving across the country with a baby.

And CONGRATS to everyone that graduated this semester.

I don't konw what to say about me--I have a lot to work out, but here's my life in a nutshell:

I'm dating an incredible puerto rican who pastors a non-denominational church here in town. I'm spending lots of time at my beloved beach. I work like a demon to pay off debts. I feel like time has just kind of stopped and I live in a time warp. Guys--I don't know where to begin to pick up communication again with lots of y'all...but don't give up on me--I'm gonna try.