Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend 2 at Mayo

We spent this Saturday up in Minneapolis visiting the Mall of America. We thought we would visit the aquarium and then see where the day went. Well, the aquarium was slightly disappointing...I guess, after the Georgia Aquarium, our expectations were a bit high. 

And guess who else was at the Mall of America this weekend? The Girl Scouts--that's who. They were having their 100th anniversary celebration up there, so there were little girls EVERYWHERE. The whole mall was overrun with them.

Legoland was kind of cool (Kristi--I thought of Asher when I saw it) and the roller coasters were fun to watch. The elevators were extremely slow and it took us most of the day to just amble around and see things. It was nice to go and say we've been there...It probably won't ever be a scheduled vacation spot for me in the future.

On the way back to Rochester, we stopped at the temple in St. Paul and took a couple of pictures.

Then we spent Sunday recovering from our big day. :)

Weekend 1 at Mayo

I was so grateful to get a chance to drive down to Madison, WI this weekend to visit some good friends, the Spackmans. :) 

Hugh and Kristi went to BYU when I did and now they're living up here. They have a beautiful family: 2  small boys and a daughter on the way. 

We didn't do much--just visited and hung out, but I enjoyed it. 

It was a nice visit.