Monday, June 6, 2011

But if not...

Okay--does anyone remember the talk in General Conference about the couple who went to a general authority asking to be cured from cancer--the one where he tells them that he doesn't doubt that they have the faith to be healed, but did they have the faith NOT to be healed?

I'm not saying this is happening to me, but I feel like my faith is being stretched and pulled in a gazillion different directions at the same time.

I went to Atlanta and met with the surgeon--had a great consultation. The next day, I return to the hospital for the surgery. We check in and wait. As I'm laying in the bed ready to be whisked off to the operating room, a nurse comes and tells me Dr. Miller has decided to wait. He wants me to consult with a neurologist up here in Atlanta. Oh man--talk about disappointed!

So, I met Dr. Johnston. I like her. Except she wants to study and evaluate my case before approving surgery. UGH. So, now I'm spending my second week in Atlanta without surgery. I am trying a new treatment tomorrow--plasmapheresis. I'll have it for 5 days. It's a temporary fix, but I should feel better for a few weeks...maybe long enough for Dr. Johnston to decide the surgery will be beneficial for me.

Thank you for the prayers. :) I hope this treatment will help--even a small reprieve would be nice.

On the + side, I think I've fallen in love with I got great accommodations in Atlanta this week for a good price.